Engineering planning, Survey, Design and Supervision

Engineering planning, survey, Design and Supervision

As per the planned for the respective project ETA has been surveying the potential of project, and according to its feasibility it has been designing the various project. ETA also involve in field of providing suggestions on how to design and conduct a successful survey project which includes the strategic goals, strategies, objectives, responsibilities and timelines that should be done. Often, ETA develop plans for each major function, division department, etc. 

Engineering planning, Survey design and Supervision

The following are the completed projects by ETA consult on planning, survey and design:

Detail Design Review of Bhandara Bridge along Katari Okhaldhunga road

Rapid Assessment Survey of Physical Learning Environment of All Lower and Secondary Schools in 4 PID

Labor Availability Survey of Balubang-Pyuthan Road

Labor Availability Survey of Hille-Bhanjyang-Dingla District Road Corridor

Design, Estimate and Supervision for Drinking Water and Sanitation Project Funded by FINNIDA for Argakhanchi

Detail Feasibility Study with complete design package for new 9 VDCs of Dadeldhura, 8 VDCs of Baitadi and 16 VDCs of Jumla

Detail Feasibility Study with complete design package for 66 DWS Projects in 11 VDCs of Nuwakot District

Detail Pre-Feasibility Study with complete design package for new 16 Drinking Water Supply Projects in Dadeldhura District

Detail Feasibility Study with complete Design Package for 125 DWS Projects in Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Jumla

VDC Water Resource Mapping and Sanitation Profile of 9 VDCs in Dadeldhura, 8 VDCs in Baitadi District and 16 VDCs in Jumla

Detail Feasibility Study with Complete Design Package for 25 Micro-Irrigation Project in Dadeldhura, Baitadi, and Jumla Districts.